Experience a world-class education and immerse in a developed society

Living abroad provides you the opportunities to see the world, to engage in a developed society, to experience a world-class education, to enhance skills and awareness.

Develop cross-cultural sensitivity and experiences

By living in a different country, you get to make friends with people from different cultures, which enhances your cultural awareness about the world around you.

Develop your independence and confidence

When having to adapt with a new environment, you will have the space to gain more independence and confidence in response to new situations and challenges. You can also improve in skills such as communication, time-management, and financial management.

Increase your chances of working abroad and migrating to a new country

With a qualified overseas qualification, you can live and work anywhere in the world. This is a huge advantage for those who seek to live permanently in another country.


Study abroad information in Russia

First of all, in addition to being the largest country in the world, Russia is a great power with an extremely methodical and modern education. There are many disciplines for you to choose to study in this country, from science - technology, economy - society to the arts, music. International students going to Russia usually start the school year in early September and end at the end of June. The cities that Vietnamese students usually live and study are: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tomsk, Vladimir, Kazan , Yekaterinburg, v..v .. The following invite you to consult more details about the form of studying abroad in this country

The latest 5 conditions for studying in the US 2019

The US is the most popular study abroad destination in the world and after each "change of owner", the country has new policies around immigration, study abroad, require international students to understand and comply. . If you are intending to study in the US, these are the conditions for studying in the US in 2019 to be aware of. Studying in the US is a destination for a large number of international students, but to set foot in this country, you will have to go through a very complicated preparation process. To avoid problems caused by not being aware of the US-issued regulations for international students, here are the conditions for studying in the US in 2018 that everyone should learn.

Study Abroad in the UK

Once you have made the decision to study in the UK, the next step will be to learn about the application process, the school and the documents required. When choosing a school in the UK, rankings are an important factor in making the final decision, and you can find information about the majors and rankings of the schools below. Don't forget, you won't need to single-handedly apply for a free SI-UK service for all EU and international students.