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Company Profile

Avenue to Success is committed to deliver first class personalised service in education consultancy including overseas education counselling, education services, marketing and market consultancy.

Though a newly established organization, the management board of Avenue to Success (ATS) has every good reason to be optimistic about the venture’s success in Vietnam. The company has engaged management and operation staff who have the highest quality expertise in international education in Vietnam. With more than seventeen years of direct experience, Tran Tuong Nhi, the General Director of Avenue of Success has been a prominent leader in the education service arena in Vietnam. All three other members of Board of Management, Nguyen Thanh Nga, Nguyen Trung Ha, Pham Do THang, have also held senior management roles for a combined length of more than thirty five years in the most successful educational recruitment agency in Vietnam. We strongly believe the expertise and experience of ATS personnel are inevitable assets to guarantee success for all customers, clients and business partners the company engages with.

We differentiate ourselves by providing customised and personalised services to our students, their parents and our institution partners because we understand that every individual has his or her own objectives to be achieved. We have learned that the deeper we delve into our approach to service improvement, and the further we go in our search to find better solutions for our customers and clients, the better the results for individuals and partners involved with Avenue to Success and consequently the more rewarding the for all of us here.

In this establishing year, ATS opens its first offices in the central areas of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The company has plans to expand its operational network nationally and internationally.

Avenue to Success will work with an Australian based consultant who will assist us in keeping up to date with government and industry regulations, quality standards and client management.

The company’s financial model is based on revenue generated through a fee for service approach. Specifically, education conselling will be provided free of charge to prospective students in Vietnam with recipient education institutions in Australia charged commission for each successful placement.

Other services provided to institutions such as marketing and event management will be charged at rates commensurate with the nature of the services and in agreement with the institutions. English language and vocational training undertaken by the company in Vietnam for Vietnamese will be charged directly to the recipients, or to education institutions if the institution requests the services on behalf of individuals in Vietnam.

The company acknowledges that these services are offered across a range of organisations in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia and will ensure that rates and commissions charged by the company are competitive in the international education arena.

The company’s costs have been carefully calculated and will ensure that high quality staff and state of the art office equipment facilities and systems will be used to provide the highest quality services to prospective students and their families in Vietnam and to education institutions in Australia.

The company will commence trading with sufficient investment and working capital and access to cash flow to ensure that services will be provided prior to invoicing and receipt of income for services provided to education institutions.


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