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About us

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Our vision

At Avenue to Success, we are committed to deliver to parents and students the most intelligent and effective solutions which match their individual needs.  To educational institutions we represent, we will be a reliable partner in bringing the most updated and accurate information about their courses and institutions to Vietnamese parents and students.  We always endeavor to accomplish our mission to take you to the avenue to success.

Our Mission

At Avenue to Success, our mission is to deliver professional caring services to each and every student, their parents and our institution partners. Our ultimate goal is to become the most trusted, professional and successful organization in giving advice to Vietnamese students who require to study overseas.

To students and parents, we will provide all the accurate and most updated information about the courses and institutions we represent, answer all enquiries students and parents have with regards to overseas education, and assist them thoroughly with the enrolment and visa applications process.

To our partner institutions, we will be a bridge to bring their information to the awareness of prospective Vietnamese students and parents.

Why are we trusted?

  1. We are committed and experienced

We have a Management Board who have many years of dedication and experience in helping many students to fulfill their dreams to study overseas, as well as assisting educational institutions to successfully recruit students in Vietnam.

  1. We are ready to serve

We will utilize our rich experiences for continuous improvement in identifying and evaluating the best option for each and every student.  We represent a wide range of educational institutions who we know will support our students and would best suit their individual needs.

We also have access to the most updated legal and market trends in student movements, changes in the visa regulations, individual educational institution and the whole educational industry developments, future career tendencies, all of which would allow us to give the advice that best suit the variety needs of individual students.

  1. Integrity

Each of us at Avenue to Success believe that we should learn, live, and work to the standards that pride ourselves, our families (especially our children), our friends, our company, our corporate partners and, people who choose to use our services.
We will run and grow Avenue to Success by following our tradition of treating our students, sponsors, and team members as our most valuable resources.